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The Devil's Angel by Kevin Brooks


Dean certainly seems like a devil yet his friendship with protagonist Jack is sincere and firm. They have a grand adventure together but it does not end well.  However, their friendship continues until Jack has enough of the hard times they share together. Timing is not good; they are about to get a record deal with for their band. Jack later feels responsible for Dean’s death which he can also trace back to the time when he was stabbed as thy set off on their grand adventure.  Jack has mixed emotions about this friendship.     

This book is a high-low produced by Barrington Stoke who specialise in such books.  They are tested for children and young people by children and young people.  
The chapters are short.  The print is clear in a non-serif font and is formatted ragged right.  It is printed on pale yellow paper. Thus there are several aids for  the dyslexic reader.  


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