Thursday, December 12, 2019

Paddington’s Finest Hour by Michael Bond

This is a very difficult book to categorize. It has a respectable spine, it is 136 pages long and it uses blocked text, sophisticated language and a serif font.  It charms young children and adults.  There is possibly quite a bit of content that the very young child will not understand.  Those details are there for the adult who will read to the child. Therefore I’ve coined the phrase “Low-High” i.e. content for younger “readers” but demanding higher reading skills.  

Michael Bond carried on writing the Paddington stories right until his death in 2018.  This is the penultimate Paddington collection.  Most people would look upon the Paddington books as classics. The first was written in 1958.   

As with many of the other Paddington books this volume contains several standalone but interconnected stories.  These are presented in short chapters so are ideal for the end of the school day or bedtime stories.  

Perhaps Paddington charms us so much because he makes us look at life more objectively.            

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