Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A Child’s Literary Christmas by Anna James


Anna James has collected stories for children about Christmas.  She includes in this collection excerpts from many well-known and well-loved stories.  There are also several less well-known ones. 

Could it be a little frustrating for the newly fluent reader? These are mainly partial stories and they don’t all resolve. Or might it serve as an introduction to the longer works? It may also be a useful source of stories for a primary teacher to read aloud at the end of a busy day in the period just before Christmas. 

The book has a very attractive cover and is quite robust.  Yet it would be comfortable enough for young hands to hold.  It contains several attractive illustrations.  Some of the stories start on a navy blue background with cream lettering. The second page is then orange with black lettering. These may seem odd.  The section breaks are in the same shade of blue as the cover.  The font is small and adult, with difficult ‘a’s and ‘g’s yet the text is formatted ragged right.  

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