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That Time I Got Kidnapped by Tom Mitchell


Fourteen year old Jacob wins a competition to feature in a super-hero movie.  “Don’t miss your connection,” warns his father as he sets off towards snow-bound Chicago where he has to change on to a plane to Los Angeles. He misses his connection - and gets kidnapped by Jennifer and her mysterious package.   
There is no romance or sex but there is affection, eventually, and a growing relationship. Jacob and Jennifer are pitted again the grown-ups. This probably makes the text suitable for younger teens. Mature fluent readers could also digest this book.
Jacob is naive.  Jennifer is badass. Both characters mellow and grow as the story is told.
Tom Mitchell keeps us on the edge of our seats as calamity follows calamity for Jacob. Will he get to the studio in time? What will happen when he gets there?  Perhaps importantly what will happen next? Mitchell not only gives us a satisfying ending but leaves it opens for a whole new story.  We hope he will write it.
This is an easy book to read.  It is short.  Its twists and turns provide tension. The chapters are short and almost all end on a cliff-hanger and thus pace is maintained. There is much humour. Jacob’s convincing voice keeps us engaged throughout.     


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