Saturday, June 20, 2020

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

2015, first published 2000  

Alex Rider’s uncle and guardian, Ian Rider, is killed in an unbelievable accident.  He was reported to have not been wearing a seatbelt yet he was always very strict about this. Alex finds he has been working for MI6.  They take on Alex who is just fourteen years old.     

There is pace a plenty in this novel. As soon as Alex looks as if he’s winning another problem comes along.  On the cover the novel is described as “Action, Adrenaline, Adventure.”  Alex remains a likeable and believable character, however. 

This is almost James Bond for children and in fact Anthony Horowitz has been involved in creating further James Bond stories.  Alex is given various “toys” to help him with his mission. 

The book is 238 pages long, with blocked text and an adult but simple font. The chapters are short.  There are just a couple of illustrations – the map to the mine that Alex explores.  There are two version of this: one as shown in a library book and one that Ian Rider had made a copy of.  

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