Thursday, July 16, 2020

Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz


2015, first published 2001  

This is the second of the Alex Rider books. Two mysterious deaths occur.  Both of the murdered men have sons at the Point Blanc academy. The academy makes difficult boys more sociable and returns them to their families as reformed character. Rider this time has to pretend to be the surly son of a wealthy businessman and attend the academy to be transformed.      
The antagonist has cloned himself and his clones are being made to look like boys who have been sent to the academy. 

There is pace a plenty in this novel. As soon as Alex looks as if he’s winning another problem comes along.  On the cover the novel is described as “Action, Adrenaline, Adventure.”  Alex remains a likeable and believable character, however.  We get to know him better in each book. 

This is almost James Bond for children and in fact Anthony Horowitz has been involved in creating further James Bond stories.  Alex is given various “toys” to help him with his mission. 

The book is 283 pages long, - so a little longer than the first book - with blocked text and an adult but simple font. The chapters are a little longer than in the first book.   There are no illustrations. Perhaps the books are growing with the readers.  

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