Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Lamplighter Book 2 by D M Cornish

2010, first published 2008  

Roassmünd Bookchild graduates early form the Lamplighter Academy. Strange things have been happening there, not least of which that a girl joins the academy.  Roassamünd is three times attacked by monsters and three times overcomes them.

The story resolves suddenly but is left open for a continuation.

The world D.M Cornish invents is strange and complex but very well thought out. At the end there is an entire glossary and many charts and lists that show how everything works there. There is some invitation for fascination and fan ficti0n.

Each chapter begins with a definition.

The characters are well drawn and rounded.  The protagonist invites our empathy.  

The language is complex and though the content will suit fluent readers the high register of the text may make this book more suitable for older readers.  There are some interesting plays on words and many invented expressions.  

There are several drawings throughout the book of the players in the story.  This may detract from the picture we form in our heads. Oddly they match very well what I have imagined.

This is a long text. It will challenge all readers.   

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