Tuesday, February 2, 2021

South & North, East & West by Michael Rosen



Michael Rosen has collected folk tales here and retold them in his great story-teller voice.  There are twenty-five stories in total and they come from all around the world.  Each story is illustrated by a different artist. This particular edition of the book supports Oxfam.    

It’s a little hard to identify the reader exactly. The stories resemble those for younger children but the text is tightly packed and on most pages in two columns which suggests an older reader. It uses a sophisticated adult font and is blocked.

The stories would work well read aloud but the “reader” ought to see the delightful illustrations.

There is a blurb for story at the beginning of the book.  These often tell us where the story comes from and how it was collected as well as enticing us to the theme.   Each story anyway as you make your way through the book is labelled with its origin.

At the end of the book there is some information about how Oxfam works. This and the blurbs at the beginning of the book are perhaps aimed at adults rather than the young reader.      

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