Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Bear and her Book by Frances Tosdevin and Sophia O’Connor



A bear gets wanderlust even though she really loves her home.  She carries with her a book – Bear’s Big Book of Being Wise. As she makes her way through the world, she finds all sorts of information to help other animals.

She takes a few risks – including stowing away on a ship. 

Her adventures bring her eventually to a bookshop.  This is her new home.

No doubt this text will interest the preschool child in books.  

In some ways this is a very conventional picture book. There is only a little text on each page. The pictures are in places integrated with and at other times apart from the text. There are seven double spreads.  The pictures all contain supplementary story.

The text rhymes – gently.

The font is clear and large simple ‘g’s but ‘a’s are more difficult.     

The back cover is written partly for the child and partly for the adult who will read the text. Note that the font here is more complex. The simpler and larger font inside the text allows for the possibility of a pre-school child learning to read with the help of this text.   

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