Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thursday’s Child by Noel Streatfeild


2020 (first published 1970)

Margaret Thursday was abandoned as a baby, on a Thursday. Hence her name. She was left with “three of everything “of the finest quality. Every year a bag of money is left for her upkeep – until one year it runs out. So, she is sent to an orphanage where she discovers that everything is run very badly. There she befriends two boys and their older sister who obtains work as a scullery maid in a nearby big house.

The Lord and Lady at the big house suspect that the orphanage is not well run. They arrange an intervention but it comes a little too late.

The older boy, Peter, has “borrowed” some books and Margaret fears that he will be arrested and imprisoned. With the help of Jem, one of the stable boys, Margaret and the two boys escape and go and live with Jem’s family on a canal boat for a while, before joining a travelling theatre company.

Lord Corkberry recognises the boys and reunites them and their sister Lavinia with their grandfather.  The grandfather offers a home to Margaret but she refuses. She must find her own way in life. There is a sequel.

  The text is blocked and uses a serif font and has difficult ‘a’s and ‘g’s. It is 321 pages long.

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