Thursday, September 24, 2020

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz


2015, first published 2007  

This is the seventh of the Alex Rider books.  The stakes get higher still in this one. He has recently t splashed down from his journey into space and has just been reconciled with his guardian Jack Starbright when the Australian secret service employ him.

Alex only accepts this mission because he will be working with Ash, who used to know his father well.  Ash is in fact Alex’s godfather.  Ash has had most of his stomach ripped out and is in constant pain. This is one of the consequences of this sort of work.  MI6 had not been very sympathetic so he went to work for Australian intelligence.

This time his Australian mission gets mixed up with Scorpia again and once more  Alex finds himself working also for MI6. There are gadgets again but mysteriously one crucial one lets him down.  This makes him realises that Ash is in fact a double agent. His other allegiance is to Scorpia.  

Alex learns more about his parents’ death.  Ash was involved.    

Alex is becoming more sexually aware but still in a very subtle way. The novel ends with the reappearance of Sabina Pleasure. She is presented to us as being extremely attractive.   

The book is 398 pages long, with blocked text and an adult but simple font. The chapters are quite long.

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