Saturday, December 10, 2022

Upper World by Fadugba Femi


20212, YA, Key Stage 4, ages 14-17, maths, physics, philosophy, Socrates, free will and determinism,Fadugba Femi

Esso lives in outer London.  Life is difficult. There is gang warfare and he is caught up the middle of it  a chance accident enables him to  access the Upper World.  A note book he finds in which his father has written has notes from his father, about the Upper World.  Girlfriend  Nadia also glimpsed the Upper World and it literally drives her mad.

Fifteen years further into the future we meet Rhia, whom Esso tutors. He is here under false         pretences.  He is trying to connect with Rhia; she is Nadia’s daughter.

Both characters have a harsh background.  Tier connection with the Upper World bring some hop    

Noor’s story is partly true.  The other characters are fictional.

The story is 388 pages. There is booked text.  The font is a standard serif adult one, though it has difficult ‘a’s but simple ‘g’s.

Ay   the back of the books there are appendices which give extra information about the maths and scincne. There is also a,  little information about the author.   


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