Saturday, January 21, 2023

10 cats by Emily Gravett


picture book, ages 3-5, preschool, cats, animals, colours, counting, Gravett Emily,    

There are ten cats. One is white, two are black, three have stripes, four have patches … and then they find some tins of paint. We carry on counting up to ten with cats acquiring red, yellow, blue,   orange and green blotches until we have ten multi-coloured cats.  Mum cat, the white one, bathes them one by one.

Any child who likes cats will love this book. The illustrations are delightful.

This book gives the child the opportunity to practise counting and recognising colours. They may also use some prereading skills. The text is very simple and although the font has a serif it uses simple ‘a’s and ‘g’s.  The numbers are written as figures.

The pictures contain a supplementary story.

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