Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Storm Swimmer by Clare Weze



Ginika’s parents are in deep trouble.  The family is evicted from their home and her mum and dad have to live in their old camper van.  She has to go and stay with her grandparents who run a seaside guest house.

Whilst visiting the beach she meets Peri, a sea person. She shows him the joys of life on land but he becomes ill. With the help of some unlikely friends – pushy Scarlett whose family  own the local caravan park and Ted who is recovering from an operation to remove a tumour form his spine – she manages to help Peri find his family again.

The story has an upbeat ending: Ginika’s dad finds a new job. Peri is retuned to his family and Ginika becomes firm friends with Scarlett and Ted. There is the hope that she can come back to the seaside and Peri will also meet her there again next year. Meanwhile, she will return to London and her beloved Docklands Light Railway.        

  The text is blocked and uses a serif font which has difficult ‘a’s and ‘g’s. It is 308 pages long. Above each chapter heading is an illustrative sketch. End pages include a description of some of Clare Weze’s research and an extract form another novel, The Lightning Catcher.   

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