Thursday, February 16, 2023

We Don’t Eat This by Sue Graves and Alan Brown



emergent reader, ages 5-7,  lower primary, animals, Graves  Sue, Brown Alan, Reading Champion, Green   

Jack and Ben are on holiday at a farm. The farmer becomes ill and the two boys volunteer to feed the animals. However they give the wrong food to the animals.  The farmer has to come and help them to get it right.  

We have an engaging story here and also some hints about caring for farm animals.

This is Green Reading Champion book which the publisher designates as being for Age 5+ and having approximately 450 words.  “There is now more text on each page, than on earlier levels, with some pages having no illustration at all. (However, in this book there are pictures on every page. )This gives the child opportunity to read like a reader across longer passages of text. You will see that where there are pictures, they may only depict one aspect of what is going on in the story, as the plots become more complex. Talking to the child after they have read to ensure they have understood is important here as the stories become longer and more detailed.”


“Green” is important. This shows where the child is on all reading schemes and a parent and teacher can be confident of this book is suitable for a “green” reader.  


The story is 65 pages long but the book has four pages of other text at the end. The text is formatted ragged right. The font is large and plain with simple ‘a’s and ‘g’s.

Illustrations mainly reinforce meaning though there are a few instances of extra story in the some pictures.  The pictures are two dimensional in comic book style, something the child also needs to   learn how to decipher.    

At the end of the book a series of picture invites the reader to retell the story. There are also two pages of notes for parents or guardians.

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